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19–20 May 2021
The Table Bay Hotel
Cape Town | South Africa


19–20 May 2021
The Table Bay Hotel
Cape Town | South Africa

DEVAC INFRASFUTURE is the exclusive annual meeting where decisionmakers from the Private Sector, multinational executives, International Investors, African Governments, and various other Institutions get together to address challenges faced by the African Infrastructure sector in Africa.

This high-level business meeting platform which takes the form of a Conference and Expo, facilitates all participants to share their experiences and to discuss about innovative solutions and potential business partnerships that will help develop or improve the Future of Infrastructure across Africa.


There is a significant gap across the African continent in terms of infrastructure development as most of Africa is still lagging behind, especially with regards to key infrastructure sectors such as energy, road and rail transportation, and water infrastructure. There is a need to reduce or to even close this infrastructure gap in all of Africa’s infrastructure sectors to ensure a substantial improvement in the growth and development of African countries and the continent.

Infrastructure investments in Africa is very much needed in order to play an important part in strengthening the backbone of the continent’s economy and in boosting the development of the African Infrastructure. Hence, Africa urgently need to upgrade and seek adequate infrastructure provisions to achieve the intended objective of economic growth.

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